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Flight Controls

UPDATE:  07/05/06 The FlightSim 737NG section of my website contains the latest information and photographs on the progress of my simulator.
FlightSim 737NG


In this section I plan on including information on various accessories that are not included in other sections of my website. I want my flight simulator to be as realistic as possible so I will need to access a number of suppliers to obtain difficult to locate parts.


Cockpit Gauges by

Flight Illusion

Below are a few photos of my cockpit gauges that I ordered from Flight Illusion. I will post photos once I have them installed on my MIP

Brake Pressure Gauge

Flap Indicator Gauge


Cockpit Door

Below are a few photos of my cockpit door removed from a 737. These are the old style doors as all cockpit doors were replaced after 9/11 to reinforce them to prevent hijackings. The dimensions of the door are 75 inches tall by 21 inches wide. I also was able to get a key made that fits the lock so I can lock my flight deck when not in use, or when I want the flight attendants to leave me alone.


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