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UPDATE:  03/10/07 The FlightSim 737NG section of my website contains the latest information and photographs on the progress of my simulator.
FlightSim 737NG

Cockpit Floor Structure


There are a number of options available for your cockpit floor. I am presently looking at two of them. The first option is to build your own. The second is to purchase one already built. I plan on making my flight simulator as light weight as possible as I want the option of adding motion at a later date. For this reason I am leaning toward the pre-fabricated floor structure. This option is very expensive, however when taking weight into consideration, the higher cost now for the light weight floor structure saves thousands of dollars later when motion is taken into consideration. The difference in the cost for motion platforms increases by the tens of thousands of dollars when weight increases from one ton to two tons. When you add up the weight of a platform, cockpit shell, panels, ...., you can see how the weight adds up. Anything I can do today to decrease my weight will save substantial dollars when I add motion. However, I still am considering building my own platform.


Building Your Platform

If you choose to build your own platform I would look at Ole J. Almenningen's website for details on how he constructed his platform. This is an excellent website with excellent information for anyone considering building their own flight simulator. His is sure to be one of the best 737NG simulators being built IMHO. Click on the picture below for a direct link to his site on building a platform.


In addition to his website look at Chad C. DeMuth-Olsen's website for information on his platform as well. Chad is an accomplished builder who has one of the best 737NG simulators as well. Chad has been my "go to guy" in helping with many of the technical questions in building my flight simulator. He has an incredible website and can build one for you if you are interested. Click on the picture below for a direct link to his website. 


My Platform

Below are a few photos of my platform. I have built it out of thin sheets of plywood to decrease its weight. I have used a honeycomb design to increase its strength despite the lightweight plywood. I will post additional photos once I install the flight controls.





Buying Your Platform

If building your own platform is not for you then perhaps buying one already made is what you need. Although considerably more expensive than making your own, this is what I am considering. Click on the picture below for a direct link to the platform supplier's website for additional pictures and specifications.

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