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UPDATE: 03/10/07 The FlightSim 737NG section of my website contains the latest information and photographs on the progress of my simulator.
FlightSim 737NG
Welcome to Creative Simulation's


FlightSim 737NG

Photo copyright: John Padgett 

One of the purposes of this website is to assist other simbuilders in getting started with their flight simulator project. Starting a project such as this requires a great deal of planning. I hope to be able to share what I have learned along the way and help others who decide that building a flight simulator is right for them.

I will be updating various sections of my website as I build my simulator. I will include information about various sources for components providing a number of options in building your simulator. These sections will discuss what options are available to source items ready to plug and play as well as options for building your own components. In addition, I will try to include tutorials for each section of the website after I have completed that portion of the simulator. Be sure to check out the FlightSim 737NG section of my website for the latest information and photographs on the  progress of my simulator.

In addition to the information contained in my website I encourage you to visit the links section of my website for information about other sites offering assistance in getting started with your project. Along with advice this section includes websites of other simbuilders whose advice will be very beneficial in helping to plan your flight simulator.

I would encourage you to spend a great deal of time researching your project and visit and review as many simbuilder websites as possible. You will see many different examples of simulators with different approaches to building them. By doing your homework up front you will eliminate as many surprises as possible later. In addition, planning the simulator is half of the fun. And researching what others have done before you will only make your simulator a better one. Good luck.

                                                      Tom Kellogg

Special thanks to John Padgett for the above picture of the cockpit of Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-7H4a Nashville - International (Metropolitan ) (BNA / KBNA) USA - Tennessee, September 3, 2005 as seen in


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