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Landing Gear Levers
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Landing Gear Levers

UPDATE: 03/10/07 The FlightSim 737NG section of my website contains the latest information and photographs on the progress of my simulator.
FlightSim 737NG

Landing Gear Levers

In this section you will see sources for purchasing plug and play landing gear levers for the Boeing 737NG. Just click on the photos below for a link to the supplier of these components. While there may be more available, these are all that I could find. However, if you prefer to use an actual landing gear lever from a Boeing aircraft please see photos below of my landing gear lever out of a Boeing 727.

My Landing Gear Lever

Here is my lever which is out of an actual Boeing 727. As this gear handle is over 30 years old it needed a lot of work. Click on the gear handle photo below for a direct link to the supplier of this actual aircraft part.

I would recommend you take pictures of your assembly before and while you are taking it apart. They will assist you greatly when putting it back together. Here are the components taken apart and ready to be cleaned.

Here I have the components cleaned and repainted. I chose to paint them black, whereas I have seen others use Boeing gray or brown.

Here it is reassembled and ready for the next step; applying the necessary electrical components to make it fully functional. I removed the solenoid that interfaces with the lock override on the gear handle as I have no plans to make the lock override functional. I have retained the relays that came in the assembly to possibly use them later. I will include information in the future when I finish the electrical connections.

I have also included a link to Project 777. Hans G. Schuetz has included information on the Boeing landing gear lever as well as valuable photos that were very beneficial to me in helping to reassemble my landing gear lever.



Plug and Play Landing Gear Levers

For those interested in plug and play components clink on the pictures below for a direct link to the suppliers of these components.



Project Magenta has plans to introduce a number of hardware components for the Boeing 737; including a 737 landing gear lever. Click on the logo below for a direct link to their site.




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