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UPDATE: 03/10/07 The FlightSim 737NG section of my website contains the latest information and photographs on the progress of my simulator.
FlightSim 737NG

Rudder Pedals


I decided to redesign my rudder pedal assemblies as I was not satisfied with my first design as they did not have a good feel to them, nor was their appearance up to my satisfaction. Below are a few photos of my rudder pedal assemblies so you can see the details inside the assemblies themselves.








Below are a few pictures of my new rudder pedal assemblies installed in my sim.





Below are a few pictures of my old rudder pedal assemblies. The rudder pedals are actual pedals from the 737. I am working off plans I found on the internet in doing research on the 737. Click on the plans below for larger plans with dimensions for construction of the rudder pedal assembly. I hope to provide a tutorial in the future for this assembly after it has been completed. In addition you will find pictures and links below for suppliers of rudder pedals that are plug and play.

I finally finished my rudder pedal assembly on 11/20/05. I have tested it on my platform to make sure it will operate as a dual set once I have completed the other rudder pedal assembly. Below are a few pictures of the completed assembly.


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